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Va Piano, Walla Walla (Oct, 2022)

Va Piano started around 2003. Their tasting room is gorgeous, warm and inviting. They source from their own Va Piano Vineyard, in addition to the Octave Estate Vineyard (joint venture between Va Piano, Pepper Bridge, Gramercy, Caprio and Hanatoro, located on the southern border of the Walla Walla AVA in Oregon), as well as Eritage, on the north side of the Walla Walla Valley.

2021 Chardonnay

Celilo Vineyard, Columbia Gorge AVA

2021 Rose of Cabernet Franc

Chelle Den Millie Vineyard, Yakima AVA

2019 Walla Walla Merlot

Chelle Den Millie Vineyard, Yakima AVA

2019 Les Collines Syrah

Les Collines Vineyard, Walla Walla AVA

2019 Walla Walla Cabernet Sauvignon

Va Piano Vineyards & Octave Vineyard, Walla Walla AVA

2015 Rosebud Cabernet Sauvignon

Rosebud Vineyard, Wahluke Slope AVA

We definitely felt their wines were bold, with power and longevity. Of course their 2015 Rosebud Cabernet Sauvignon was phenomenal (rating 4.6), closely followed by their 2019 Walla Walla Merlot (rating 4.5), and their 2019 Les Collines Syrah (rating 4.2).

We were able to bum a tasting of their 2016 Estate Cabernet Franc which we loved, and purchase, in addition to their Merlot.

Unfortunately our tasting experience was tainted. We were rushed, and accused of having already had a pour (when we didn't) in the flight. Service was cold, and while I love their wines, I question whether I would return to taste again. However, we ran into a party before we arrived that apparently had an event, and it's possible the staff was winding down. I tend to find the best service when it's quiet, but in this instance it backfired, and maybe I should be sympathetic. Their wines were good... should we go back?


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