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Two Vintners, Woodinville (Jan 2023)

I've been hearing about Two Vintners for some time. Winemaker Morgan Lee is responsible for the Two Vintners label, a label born out of partnership with owners David and Cindy Lawson of Covington Cellars. They make some solid classics such as Syrah and Merlot, but also branch out with some interesting varietals, and one I loved very much - the Cinsault.

The tasting room was very inviting, and had a nice mood. Definitely a great place to chill and enjoy some wine. As usual I preferred a red tasting, but was curious about the OG as well. It should be noted that at this time they were pouring some Covington Cellars into the mix, but as i understand these two labels are likely going to be separate in the future.


2020 OG-Orange Gewürztraminer

Beautiful nose on this orange wine, which came off with sweet melon but was actually quite dry and refreshing.

93 points.

2020 Make Haste

This was a fun wine for me, and has turned me on to the Cinsault varietal. Full of cherry and herb and some eucalyptus, this was light and refreshing, almost pinot-like.

95 points.

2018 Reserve Cabernet Franc

This was a Covington Cellars. Aged in Spanish clay Tinaja prior to French oak resulted in a nice mineral, but velvety chocolaty and cocoa cab franc.

94 points.

2018 Sal

May's Discovery Vineyard, Horse Heaven Hills. Amazing weightless cab, with cherries, vanilla, and very smooth integrated tannins.

95 points.

I had the fortune of some some additional pours:

2019 Some Days are Stone Syrah

Stoney Vine, Rocks district. Excellent balance of funk and minerality in this Syrah.

95 points.

2018 Zinfandel

Stonetree vineyard. Nice spice and chocolate, very smooth.

94 points.

2020 Covington Cellars Grenache

94 points.

I loved the tasting at Two Vintners. Their wines were beautiful, delicate, full of expression and pure. I particularly loved the 2020 Make Haste (Cinsault) and picked up two bottles. The 2018 Sal Cabernet Sauvignon was fantastic, and I ended up getting a bottle at the Seattle Wine Shop on another day. I'll have to try the other Syrah, but the 2019 Some Days are Stone Syrah was excellent! I will definitely return for their next release!


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