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Latta Wines

I bumped into Latta Wines about a year ago or so in their SODO location, and was thoroughly impressed at that tasting. Andrew Latta focuses on a small production of mostly Rhone varietals, sourced from some very distinctive, and high quality vineyards. I was thrilled to here they opened a tasting venue in Woodinville.

The tasting offered a "winter" style 2019 Roussanne, if you will. This was a hearty and bigger Roussanne, whole cluster pressed and in 15% new French oak. The 2019 Latta Latta GSM is a Grenache dominant blend, smooth and approachable, and nicely valued. However, I really enjoyed the 2020 Grenache from Upland Vineyard, which offered some nice structure in comparison to the often encountered flabby Grenaches I've seen from time to time.

It was a great experience walking through a few Syrah side by sides. The 2018 Lawrence Syrah had some notes of smoke, which was interesting. The 2018 Dana Dibble Syrah showcased some of the funk we would expect from Freewater Rocks Vineyard, as well as some notes of dry, black tea. I really enjoyed the 2019 Lawrence Syrah, which read a bit more classic for me.

The purposefully blended 2018 Cab Syrah from the Rocks showcased 75% Cab, balanced by the freshness of whole cluster Syrah for the remaining 25%.

Finally, my favorite of the bunch was the 2020 Malbec, from Weinbau Vineyard. This was "pure purple" as the tasting room associate appropriately commented. This was just an amazing, swirling balance of blue fruit, dark chocolate, dusty hazelnuts, and espresso with great structure.


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