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Dusted Valley, Woodinville (Jan 2023)

On a random Monday I had off, I decided to check out Dusted Valley. I was surprised to discover the winemakers and owners were actually Wisconsin natives. In fact, in addition to utilizing French Oak, they include oak barrels sourced from Wisconsin in their winemaking process.

They source grapes from the Walla Walla Valley, utilizing both the Washington and Oregon side of the AVA. These estate vineyards are the Sconni Block, Stoney Vine and Southwind vineyards. However, they also source from other AVAs and vineyards, including Dionysus, Stone tree, and Olsen Vineyards.

Dusted Valley

They didn't have specific tasting notes, and I was particularly engaged in conversation with the tasting room manager Michelle, so I just provide sparse notes, and ratings here.

2021 Chardonnay


Rating n/a

2020 Stained Tooth Syrah

Beautiful nose, light syrah, with some minerality


Rating 4.3

2020 Tall Tales Syrah

Increased smoothness and minerality


Rating 4.4

2020 Walla Walla Cab Sauv

Green peppery nose, body with cola and vanilla, and excellent smooth finish. High sediment.


Rating 4.5

2018 V.R. Special Cab Sauv

extremely smooth, but light cab.


Rating 4.5

Dusted Valley wines are light and refreshing, without being overly oaked. I was told this was likely a contribution of the use of puncheons, barrels twice the size of normal. I believe this gives their wines more nuance, without being masked by excessive oak, and in general, a very pleasant more fruity nose.

I loved the 2020 Walla Walla Cab Sauv, 2018 VR Special Cab Sauv. The two Syrah's offered were good, but I thought the 2020 Tall Tales Syrah was another level of smoothness and had some nice minerality being 100% Stoney Vine. While I don't mind funk, this did not have much of the Rocks District funk that may put off some other tasters.

I will need to return for sure! My only gripe is about the 2 bottle purchase to wave the tasting fee...


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