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Barnard Griffin - Tasting Mar 2023

With almost a 40 year history of making wine, Rob Griffin (and second generation - Megan Hughes) has nearly unparalleled experience, carefully selecting from choice vineyards, to produce a comprehensive selection of Washington wine. Vineyards including Red Heaven & Kiona (Red Mountain), Lonesome Spring Ranch & Crawford (Yakima Valley), Gunkel (Columbia Gorge), Sagemoor (White Bluffs), Balcom & Moe (Columbia Valley).

2021 Cotes du Rob Blanc 90% Viognier 10 % Rousanne Sweet pear, honey aromas open to a smooth silky mouthcoating palate, citrus. Soft pleasant finish. $28. Score 92. 2021 Viognier Nose of pear and honey. Light on the palate, pronounced citrus. $25. Score 90. 2018 Grenache Lonesome Spring Ranch, Yakima Valley. Sweet cherries, plum, caramel and vanilla, nutmeg and spice. Soft and light on the palate. Balanced well with soft tannins. Nice lengthy finish. $40. Score 91. 2017 Barbera Heavy Plum, tea and heavy oak. $45. Score 89. 2017 Reserve Merlot LSR Merlot with 18% Red Mtn. cab. Nose of eucalyptus, plum, almonds. Chocolate, graphite. Firm sticky tannins. $45. Score 92. 2016 Lonesome Four 42% Petit Verdot 25% Malbec 25% Cab Franc 8% Cab Sauv. Nose of plum and musty oak. Fruit forward plums and juicy blueberries, chocolate. Full on the palate, firm and lingering tannins. $55. Score 90. 2017 Reserve Syrah 86% Syrah, 6% Grenache, 4% Durif, 4% Mourvedre. Wet stone, almonds, vanilla, toffee aromas. Focused, Fruit forward, juicy red and blue fruits, sweet spices, black pepper. Full Mouthfeel, lengthy cooling, satisfying finish. At its prime. $45. Score 93.

The tasting at Barnard Griffin was solid all the way through. I definitely recommend the 2021 Cotes du Rob Blanc, and the 2017 Reserve Syrah. The 2017 Reserve Merlot would also be a great pick.


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